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Pistachio Keratin Innovator Shampoo In Poo Co-Wash 280ml - Itallian Hair Tech

Smoothly promoting total cleaning of the threads. Indicated for dry, fragile hair and for those with sensitive scalp. Leaves hair strengthened after the chemical process, recovers and realigns damaged cuticles and intensely nourishes the strands so that they are soft to the touch, easy to comb and disciplined.

For curly hair: Cleans while maintaining natural shape and movement.
For chemically treated hair: Cleans and keeps it smooth for longer.

It promotes effective and highly moisturizing cleaning without foam. Its assets leave hair healthy, soft and with more shine.

Released for No Poo and Low Poo.

How to Use:
Apply the Innovator Shampoo Without Foam to damp hair and massage gently.
Then rinse, finish with Innovator Modeling Gelatin or Innovator Remineralizing Serum.

-01 Itallian Hair Tech Innovator Shampoo In Poo Co-Wash 280ml