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Intensive Treatment Bottox Hair Straightener Tahiti Monoi Deep Hair Mask Deep Hair Mask Gel 1L - Sachê

by Sachê

The Bottox Sachê Professional Intensive Treatment Gel was designed for professional use, its use on wavy and curly hair results in a lot of softness, shine and silkiness leaving the hair naturally aligned. Its specially balanced formula acts on the inside and provides excellent results, thanks to the pH 2.0 - 2.50, silicones and amino acids present in its composition.

- Tahiti monoi oil, powerful active that nourishes and leaves the hair with more shine. It is rich in fatty acids and its benefits include repairing dry wires, restoring dry ends, anti-aging effect (thickening the wire) and also works as a repairer.
- Caviar extract, which regenerates the hair cell.
- Cysteine, increases the hair's natural keratin production.
- Sericin, Sericin has a high affinity with hair keratin, binding strongly to it, sealing the damaged hair cuticles. It also provides conditioning and anti-aesthetic effect, improving the aesthetics of the hair, keeping the strands aligned, smoother and shiny.

-01 Bottox Gel 1L