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Hair Schedule 3 in 1 Reconstruction Nourishing Hydration Kit 3 Itens - Yenzah

by Yenzah

The 3 in 1 Capillary Schedule line was developed thinking about making your hair care routine easier. It's ideal for those who don't understand hair schedule, who don't have time to choose which masks to buy or who don't feel like investing in 3 masks right at the beginning of their care journey. All products contain ingredients from the three stages of the capillary schedule: hydration, nutrition and reconstruction. This guarantees a complete daily use treatment that is simple and practical to use.

The Yenzah Capillary Chronogram 3 in 1 Post-Chemical Mask is indicated for hair that has just undergone a chemical process. It was developed with ingredients that will restore damaged hair and restore vitality.

Main assets and their benefits:

• Hyaluronic acid: it has high hydration power and hair fiber filling, being ideal to retain hydration in damaged hair. Leaves hair shiny and reduces the fragility of the strands.

• Macadamia oil: it is rich in essential nutrients for the hair and is able to penetrate deeply into the hair. It guarantees complete nutrition with a strengthening effect for healthier and more beautiful hair.

• Soy peptides: they are molecules that form soy protein for hair restoration, elasticity balance and capillary strengthening.

What each product does:

Yenzah Preparatory Shampoo Capillary Schedule 3 in 1: Gently cleanses the scalp and wires, removing impurities and oil without drying; Prepares the hair to better absorb the mask or conditioner treatment. pH = 5.5.

Yenzah Mask Hair Schedule 3 in 1 Post-Chemical: Restores the hair's balance of nutrients, water and proteins; With ingredients that revitalize and strengthen the hair fiber; pH = 3.5

Yenzah Hair Sealant Conditioner 3 in 1: Traps the mask's nutrients inside the hair; Seals the hair cuticles, providing more shine and softness; Facilitates detangling in the bath; pH = 4.

Indicated for:
Indicated for hair that has undergone chemical processes.

Strengthened wires, with healthier appearance, soft and shiny touch.

Free from:
- salt
- parabens
- Petrolatum
- Ingredients of animal origin

The basic schedule consists of:
• 1st Week: Hydration - Hydration - Nutrition
• 2nd Week: Hydration - Reconstruction - Hydration
• 3rd Week: Nutrition - Hydration - Reconstruction
• 4th Week: Hydration - Nutrition - Hydration

You can use the Yenzah Timeline 3 in 1 mask in several ways:
• In the three stages of the schedule
• During a specific stage (hydration, nutrition or reconstruction)
• With vegetable oils, keratin or other ingredients to enhance a step

How to apply the products:
Yenzah Prep Shampoo Hair Schedule 3 in 1:
With wet hair, apply a small amount of shampoo to the scalp and massage well. When foam forms, let it drain to the wires. Rinse and repeat if necessary.

Yenzah Mask Capillary Schedule 3 in 1 Post-Chemical:
After washing your hair with shampoo, apply the necessary amount of the mask in your hands and spread evenly, from the length to the ends. Massage lock by lock and let it act for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse well and condition.

Yenzah Sealant Conditioner Hair Schedule 3 in 1:
After applying the mask, apply a sufficient amount along the length to the ends of the strands. Let it act for a few moments and rinse. It is not recommended to apply the conditioner directly to the scalp.

-01 Yenzah Prep Shampoo Hair Schedule 3 in 1 500ml
-01 Yenzah Mask Capillary Schedule 3 in 1 Post-Chemical 400g
-01 Yenzah Sealant Conditioner Hair Schedule 3 in 1 500ml