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Hair Remedy Home Care Maintenance Kit 3 Products - Cadiveu

by Cadiveu

Cadiveu Professional Hair Remedy Daily Care Kit features rebuilding ingredients that act from within the wires, gradually and for an extended time. In addition, it provides a healthy three-dimensional brightness. You notice the difference from the first application, with up to 80% improvement of the damaged wires, forming a protective layer around the fibers.

- 3D Maxx Injection: unique technology that recovers hair from damage, making it more resistant. It acts in the reconstruction from the inside of the threads, guaranteeing health and beauty.
- Patuá oil: it originates from the palm of the Amazon, is rich in essential fatty acids. It hydrates, restoring the softness of the threads, as well as helping to combat porosity and protection.
- Biopolymers: regenerate the hair fibers from the inside, promoting deep repair
Your hair is clean, unkempt, conditioned and healthy, repairing the damage, and with a lot of softness and shine.

How to Use: Apply the shampoo to the wet wires. Massage gently and then rinse. Spread the mask over clean, moist wires, and massage for 5-10 minutes and rinse. Then distribute the conditioner over clean, moist hair. Let it act for a few moments then rinse.

- 01 Hair Remedy Shampoo 250 ml
- 01 Hair Remedy Conditioner 250 ml
- 01 Hair Remedy Mask 200 ml.