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Hair Color Intensifying Illuminated Brunette Caramel Tinting 300ml - Le Charmes


The Intensy Color Caramel Enlightened Brunette is a toning mask developed to tint the hair, intensifying the color of the threads that have undergone oxidation action caused over time, providing softness and three-dimensional shine. Keratin and Silk Protein (Sericin) that help keep the hair more aligned and shiny.

From base 8.0 or dyed (golden honey).

Golden Honey Effect.

How to Use:
After washing the hair with Shampoo, remove part of the moisture with the aid of a towel;
Apply a small amount of Intensy Color Caramelo Matizador and let it act for 15 to 25 minutes or until the desired color is reached;
Rinse well until all the product is removed;
Finish as you wish.

For better color maintenance, use once a week.

-01 Le Charmes Illuminated Brunette Caramel Tinting 300ml