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Hair Bioplasty Discolored Gray Platinum Blond C'TIM Progressive 1L - Paiolla

by Paiolla

The Progressive Brush for blond hair developed to have high performance and a result that guarantees flawless straight blond hair. Maintaining beautiful, straight and blond hair has never been easier. In order to facilitate the life of the modern woman, aligning results, quality and durability, the Progressive Brush for blondes brings all this and more.

In addition to guaranteeing a long lasting smoothness, throughout the hair straightening process, the C'tim Platinum Progressive Brush has active tinting agents that work to remove yellowing from the strands, which guarantees a long lasting smooth platinum effect and is desired. by many women who love blond hair.

Its formula prepared with the objective of rebuilding the hair fiber strengthens the structure of the strands ensuring a healthy, silky, soft and volume-free hair, which facilitates styling and provides an extra shine.

How to Use:
Reserve a lock and apply a small amount of the product. Observe the hair's reaction to the product (wick test). To ensure an efficient result, wash your hair with C'tim Anti-Residue Shampoo, gently massaging and rinsing until all the product is removed from the hair. Then repeat the procedure. Dry your hair 80% with the help of a hairdryer and apply the C'tim Platinum Reconstructive Mask wick by wick with the help of a brush throughout, from root to tip, leaving 3 cm away from the root. The product's action time can vary between 10 to 30 minutes (depending on the type of hair). Remove the excess with a fine comb. Dry it 80% and lay flat wicks at 180 degrees (important: for a better result the temperature should be 120 to 180 degrees). Then use a hydrating mask and tint your hair with one of the Light Blond Paiolla tinting masks. Finish the hair with a brush.


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