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"Grow Hair" Home Care Maintenance Kit - Forever Liss

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The Forever Liss Hair Growth Shampoo promotes healthy growth, is unsalted and has its formula enriched with Biotin, Vitamin A, Ceramides and D'Panthenol. Cleanses and moisturizes hair, strengthening the hair, providing accelerated growth and helping to combat the fall.

All Hair Types, especially fragile and falling.

It acts on the accelerated growth of the hair, fortifying the hair and avoiding the fall.

- Accelerated Growth;
- Capillary Strengthening;
- Avoids the Fall;
- Moisturizes the Aged Yarns
- Intense Brightness;
- Sedimentation;
- Softness;
- Restores the health of the hair bulb.

- Biotin: Vitamin B complex, a natural active that stimulates growth by acting directly on the hair follicle, in addition to avoiding the falling of the wires.
- Vitamin A: Boosts the accelerated growth of the yarns;
- Ceramides: It has the function of keeping water and nutrients inside the wire making it sturdy and healthy.
- D'Pantenol: Provides maximum hydration in the yarns providing softness, leading shine giving more life to the yarn.

The accumulation of oiliness on the scalp causes a decrease in blood circulation which suffocates the hair bulb and does not let the hair grow from the inside out. With an efficient cleansing and a powerful combination of natural actives the Grow Forever Liss Hair line stimulates hair growth by fortifying and moisturizing the hair leaving them extremely healthy.

- The Hair Growing Mask features natural and non-silicone ingredients, parabens and synthetic preservatives.
- The Products are dermatologically tested without the use of animals in their development.

How to use:
- Wash the hair with Grow Hair Shampoo by gently massaging the first time to remove any residues that oppose the full formation of the foam.
- Rinse and repeat the Shampoo again by massaging the scalp with your fingertips. Pause for 3 minutes on second application.
- Rinse thoroughly.
- After washing with the apply the Hair Grow Mask with the hair damp throughout the area of ​​the yarn.
- Gently massage the strand by strand and also the scalp.
- Leave to stand for 5 minutes.
- Rinse normally and finish as desired.
- With dry or damp hair, apply a small amount Grow Hair Leave-in in length and tip;
- Gently massage strand by strand;
- Do not rinse and finish modeling as you wish.
- With hair dry or moist, Spray for a few times Grow Hair Tonic in the palm of the hand, spreading throughout or directly on the scalp.

-Grow Hair Shampoo 500ml.
-Grow Hair Mask 250gr.
-Grow Hair Leave-in 140g
-Capillary Tonic 60ml