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Grecin 5 Shampoo Color Medium Dark 40 - Grecin

by Grecin

The Color Grecin 5 shampoo helps recover to natural color, coloring white hair in just 5 minutes, as well as enriching wires with fortifying vitamins.

Gregin 5 Color Shampoo

- Result in 5 minutes.

- Darken white hair recovering natural color.

- Formula enriched with vitamins.

Natural appearance

Gregin 5 is a toner, not a common dye.

Gregin 5 acts exclusively on the gray wires, returning a discreet tone that matches its natural color.

Healthy and fortified hair

Enriched with a natural vitamin complex, penetrates the hair yarn protecting it.

Hair are stronger and healthier.

It does not contain ammonia! It does not damage the hair.

It is worth the following tip: in doubt, start with a clearer hue. You can easily apply a darker tone afterwards. Remember: Gregin 5 was specially formulated to darken exclusively the gray wires, returning a discreet tone and that matches the natural color of your hair.

How to use

Easy to use as a shampoo, it takes only 5 minutes, does not flow and does not make dirt.

1. Mix and apply 2. Wait 5 minutes 3. Rinse

An application lasts up to 6 weeks!

Do not discolor and do not get away. It is recommended to reapply the product when the white root is visible again.