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Salvatore Gold Spray Hair Straightening 500ml

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The Gold Spray Salvatore brush has been developed to provide greater agility to the smoothing process. With its nanomolecular technology, it allows absorption without the need to dilate or anionize the hair fiber, resulting in smooth hair in less time. Ideal for hairs already smoothed and treated with Blue Gold Salvatore, being an excellent option for root retouching. The mainly benefits are listed below:

• No washing required before beginning the process
• Practicality and application efficiency
• Best value for money
• Low application cost
• High smoothing power in less time
• 0% formaldehyde and derivatives
• Comfort in application, no burning in eyes and airways
• Smoothes hair up to 100% evenly and naturally

The Gold Spray Salvatore brush is recommended for curly hair that wants to achieve a natural smooth or reduced volume result. Ideal for hair that has already undergone Blue Gold Salvatore straightening process and requires root retouching. Thus, the Gold Spray Salvatore is applied only where hair growth occurs, generating product savings and greater agility of application. This product, if associated with other Salvatore products, offers the most diverse services in the salon, such as:

• Natural smoothing (tannin restructuring)
• Volume reduction
• Long-lasting brush
• Finishing for relaxation
• SOS Stop Break

How to use:

With dry hair, shake the bottle of Gold Spray Salvatore well and spray it in place to be processed, wick to wick, distributing with the help of a fine comb. Make sure all wires are evenly moistened with the product. Let it act for 30 minutes, so that all Gold Spray Salvatore properties are absorbed. Rinse with cold or lukewarm water, removing the product completely without leaving any residue. Make a brush aligned until it reaches intense brightness. Slowly plank in fine wicks (1 cm). On average, 10 times each wick, according to the structure and strength of the fiber, with greater emphasis on the root and less on the tips, thus avoiding drying due to excess temperature. It is recommended to finalize with the Gold Xpress Salvatore Professional Mask.

Special tips:

1) For blond hair, plank with a temperature of 180 ° C at a maximum of 200 ° C, according to the fiber resistance, to avoid dryness and loss of tone. When finalizing the process of applying the Gold Xpress Professional Mask, if any wick does not get the expected result, dry it and then board it again, without the need to reapply the Professional Gold Spray Fluid.
2) Allergy Test: Before starting the process, take an allergy test with the Professional Gold Spray Fluid on the forearm and the nape of the neck.
3) Due to the antiseptic and astringent functions of the product, some people may feel a slight "itching" sensation, very similar to the coloring.


1 - Gold Spray Hair Straightening 500ml