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Go Blond Arginine Discoloration Bleaching Powder Strenght Softness 500g - MAB

by MAB

Dust free bleaching powder. MAB Marco Antônio by Biaggi Go Blonde opens up to 9 shades, gives strength and resistance, softens and guarantees homogeneous color, in addition to not making dirt and having an ultra-fast action.

The Bleaching Powder MAB Marco Antônio de Biaggi Go Blonde was entirely developed under the supervision of Marco Antônio de Biaggi, the famous hairdresser to the stars. With an innovative formula, which has Arginine, Grape Seed Oil and Goji Berry Extract among the main ingredients, the product guarantees much clearer, softer and stronger hair.

Arginine: responsible for ensuring strength, resistance and silky touch.

Grape Seed Oil: It has the power to prevent hair breakage, in addition to moisturizing.

Goji Berry Extract: with antioxidant action, it is able to deeply treat and accelerate growth.

How to use:
Before starting the process, carefully read the instructions in the "preparation method" of the product. Do not skip steps and strictly follow all recommendations related to the necessary measures and break time.

- Before starting the application, it is important to carry out a strand and touch test. Care is essential to avoid allergies and confirm that the hair is suitable for bleaching;
- Pregnant and lactating women should only use the product with medical authorization;
- In case of pre-existing wounds on the scalp, do not perform bleaching without the approval of a trusted doctor.

-01 Go Blond Arginine Bleaching Powder 500g