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Free K10 Moisturizing Progressive Brush Formol Free Strenghtening Kit 2x1L - Onixx

by Onixx

Considered the best formaldehyde-free brush in Brazil, Onixx Free K-10 has a Shape Modifier Gloss, developed with emollients and moisturizers that help restore and strengthen the strands, leaving them smooth for longer.
They act on the structure of the wires, softening the sulfur chains and shaping the wires with the heat of the flat irons and dryers.
Main Active is the Tannin Acid from Marine Algae which added to the K-10 Complex,


Suitable for blonde, gray or red hair.

Active Ingredients: Tanic Acid + Glyoxyloyl Amino Keratin + K10 Complex.
Very High Straightening Power

1 - Wash the hair with Shampoo pH9 as many times as necessary for the perfect opening of the cuticles;
2 - Dry the hair with a towel;
3 - Apply the Gloss, leave 1 cm away from the scalp, spread with a fine comb throughout the hair;
4 - Pause for 40 minutes for chemically treated hair and 50 minutes for Afro and Virgin hair;
5 - Rinse the entire product, only with water;
6 - Plank in very thin strands, at least 12 times in each strand, at a temperature of 200°C.
Product not recommended for pregnant women and children unless authorized by a doctor.

-01 Onixx Free K10 Shampoo 1L
-01 Onixx Free K10 Gloss 1L