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Mega Marsala Intense Red Hair Treatment Tinting Moist Mask 140ml - Forever Liss


The Mega Marsala Forever Liss Mask is made with sericin and keratin that give greater emollience to the hair. Enriched with açaí, acerola and grape extract, which have antioxidant properties, resulting in nourished, well-treated, silky hair with a lively marsala color with extreme shine.

Wick Test:
Before application, test on a swab with the pure product and on another swab with the product diluted in white cream.

How to Use:
- With gloves, apply the mask on clean and damp hair;
- Distribute the product evenly throughout the hair;
- Glove and let it act for 20 minutes;
- Rinse thoroughly and finish as desired;
- The wick test is indicated to certify the desired color and check the correct break time;
- The higher the porosity of the yarn, the more accentuated the color.

-01 Forever Liss Mega Marsala Mask 140ml