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Forever Hair Men Beard Mustache Vitamins Supplement w/ 30 Caps - Forever Liss

Special nutritional supplement for men Forever Hair Men Shave, Hair and Mustache Forever Liss. Its composition is made by several natural actives imported from the USA, ultra concentrated acts from the inside out helping to reduce hair loss, accelerated growth in up to 6x shape healthy and strengthening beard, hair and mustache.

Product to help control hair loss and beard, hair and mustache growth developed for men.

Cysteine: Main component of keratin, the most important protein found in hair and nails.

Arginine: Stimulates hair and nail growth. In addition to strengthening, giving elasticity and resistance.

Proline: Stimulates collagen in the body helping skin elasticity.

Methionine: Accelerates hair growth. In addition to contributing to healthier nails and hair.

Biotin: Prevents hair loss and helps in the growth of hair, beard and mustache.

Selenium: Prevents damage to hair follicles caused by pollution and UV rays.

Natural Assets
Yarn nutrition
fall control
Stronger threads
act from the inside out
Nail strengthening
Helps hair, beard and mustache growth

How to use:
Take 1 capsule, 1 time a day. Product suitable for population groups over 19 years old. We recommend consuming after the main meal.

01- Forever Hair Men Supplement with 30 capsules.