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Fênix Phoenix Post-Discoloration Hair Bleaching Treatment 300ml - Kamaleão Color


Rich in Amino Acids, it recovers the hair fiber, strengthening the damaged, fine and brittle strands. The discoloration process is extremely aggressive to the threads, which can cause them break or fall. Phoenix is rich in Amino Acids, Vitamin F and KERADYN™ HH. It recovers the hair fiber, strengthening the damaged, thin, brittle or scalp hairs that have been suffering from hair loss.

How to Use: After the bleaching process, wash the hair with Anti-residue Shampoo, rinse completely and remove excess water. Apply Fênix Post Bleaching massaging the threads and let it act for 1 to 5 minutes. After the waiting time, rinse well and finish as you wish.

If your hair is very damage use of Fênix every 15 days. Excessive use can cause a rebound effect: the hair becomes rigid, with a tendency to break.

01 Kamaleão Color Post Bleach 300ml