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Fashion Line Rock Progressive Sealant Straightening Cream 1Kg - Ybera Paris

by Ybera

YBERA FASHION is 100% secure. Provides a Perfect Smooth effect without damaging the strands. Does not bother eyes with smoke or burning. And you no longer need to wear gloves on your hands to work with progressives.

In addition, YBERA FASHION does not alter the hair color and is compatible with all chemicals, giving you and your customer total security.

Straight and Healthy Hair in a single application. And with a single step! Simple to apply and risk-free!

Straighten and treat your hair. With security and guaranteed results. Its formula offers intensive smooth and high hydration to the hair. Rich in nutrition actives such as Inca oil, Coconut oil and Quinoa Protein. Leaving the strands with balance and naturalness, preserving the color and protecting the strands' health. Simple and secure application.


Does not generate smoke, does not burn the eyes and is compatible with all chemicals, capable of 100% Straightening hair on the first application!

•What is the performance of Fashion Cream?
On average 20 to 25 applications.

•Does this product contain Formaldehyde or Glyoxylic Acid?
Does not contain Formaldehyde or Glyoxylic Acid.

Product Texture?
Lightly Viscous Cream

•Which actives promote the treatment?
Inca Oil, Quinoa Protein and More Coconut Oil

•Which asset is responsible for volume reduction and smoothing?
Kerafive²². An exclusive Ybera Paris molecule that brings together 5 natural acids plus Keratin.

•Fashion is compatible with all chemistries?
Yes, 100% Compatible and Secure.

•How long does the smooth effect last?
On average from 60 to 90 days. It can be extended using the Fashion Up maintenance line.

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