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Espelhamento Mirroring Aloe Vera Rosemary Arnica Hair Growth Kit 2x1L - Sachê

by Sachê

The Sachet Professional® Deep Cleansing Shampoo was designed for professional use. Its formula contains Aloe Vera that promotes the strengthening of the threads, Rosemary that promotes hair growth and Arnica that has an astringent and toning function that favors the opening of the cuticles, preparing the hair for the treatment process.

Sachet Professional® Mirror Treatment was designed for professional use. Its formula is enriched with a complex of amino acids that aims to hydrate, strengthen and protect the hair fiber. The active ingredients that make up the treatment are seaweed and coconut water that are highly hydrating, quinoa that protects the color of the hair, keratin protein that guarantees strength, elasticity and fiber resistance, wheat protein that considerably increases the of hair to maintain the water content, reduces porosity and improves softness and silicones that aligns the hair and provides shine.

How to Use:
Wash the hair with the Professional ® Mirroring Deep Cleansing Shampoo, dry the hair well with the aid of a towel. Then apply the Professional Sachet Mirroring Treatment with the help of a brush and use a fine comb for greater absorption in the hair.
Leave it for 20 to 25 minutes and then dry it with a hairdryer and brush it well.
Plank with iron board in thin strands and with a temperature of up to 180 degrees.
Finish as you wish.