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Progressive Brush Perfect Liss Advance Tourmaline Kit 3x100ml - Perfect Liss


ForceField technology is a protective force field that acts naturally on the strands against the side effects of acids and keeps hair balanced and healthy. This technology was developed by VisatHair in partnership with renowned Brazilian and North American universities, including a support negotiation from the traditional Harvard University Boston.

Lotus Technology - It is an aquatic plant originally from the East, rich in vitamins B1 and B2, which has the power to absorb energy through carbohydrates. Its properties help with high performance to filter water molecules, absorbing only their benefits. The Lotus is totally effective in antioxidant action and helps to protect the hair from free radicals. The ForceField technology developed by VisatHair, reproduces the micro-surface of this sheet, creating an invisible film that prevents fading. A real force field for the wires.

Tourmaline Technology - Tourmaline is a bio-energizing and catalytic agent that acts by emitting negative ions and creates physical stability, which neutralizes positive ions. Its action combined with emollient agents enhances the anti-frizz result in cosmetics, leaving the hair disciplined, shiny and completely free of frizz.

How to Use:
With damp hair apply Step 1, three times, massage evenly and let it pause for 5 minutes on the second and third applications. Rinse thoroughly.
Remove 100% of the moisture from the hair with the aid of a hairdryer, start the application of Step 2 and let the hair rest 50 minutes, according to the resistance of the hair. Rinse natural or resistant hair. 
On colored, discolored and sensitized hair, rinse and reapply Step 1 just once, massage evenly and rinse. With damp hair, without pre-drying, divide it into strands and brush the strands with the help of a dryer.
Separate the hair into thin strands and pass the plate 5 to 15 times on each strand, at a temperature of 200 ° to 220 ° C. Rinse, apply a generous portion of Step 3 and massage for 3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

-01 Visat Hair Perfect Liss Advance Tourmaline Step 1 100ml
-01 Visat Hair Perfect Liss Advance Tourmaline Step 2 100ml
-01 Visat Hair Perfect Liss Advance Tourmaline Step 3 100ml