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Coconut Cocoa Original Progressive Karité Detox Formol Free 2x1L - LisoPlastia


Capillary Detox Without Formaldehyde has a perfect combination of assets, in addition to orthomolecular technology that balances essential vitamins and amino acids, preserves hydrogen bonds and promotes internal hydration of the hair.

Progressive Without Formaldehyde Detox Smoothness completely restores the hair fiber, and maintains the degree of moisture, in order to replace the essential amino acids for the structure of the hair.

Capillary Lisoplasty Without Formol Redus the volume and eliminates frizz, leaving hair sealed, brighter and healthier.

Capillary Lisoplasty has a violet pigmentation in its composition that helps in applying blonde hair, thus avoiding fading and yellowing of the hair.

LisoPlastia Capillary Without Formol has Coconut and Karite Butter in its formula, together providing the hair with maximum hydration and shine, leaving your hair with a wonderful balance.

Progressive Brush Lisoplasty does not smoke and does not cause burning in its application, always prioritizing the health of the professional and the client.

How to Use:
On wet hair apply the Smooth Shampoo and massage gently without rubbing the scalp, then rinse. If necessary, repeat the operation.
After washing your hair, dry it 100% with the aid of a blow dryer. Apply the volume reducer, ½ cm away from the scalp, starting from the root and spreading along the length of the hair.
After 40 minutes, remove excess product and dry 100% of the wires using a good brush, then plank in thin strands 15 to 20 times.
Finish as you wish.

-01 Lisoplastia Shampoo 1L
-01 Lisoplastia Mask 1L