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Elixir SOS Finisher Treatment Protection Dry Hair Nourishing Fluid 80ml - Sachê

by Sachê

Elixir S.O.S Sachê Professional nourishes the deepest layers of the hair fiber and protects against breakage and dryness of the hair.

It offers multiple benefits, its use provides more shine, luminosity and frizz control.

They contain oil of calamus, chamomile, and myrrh, extracted from nuts, seeds, herbs and fruits. Its assets contribute to the reconstruction of the wires.

How to Use:
Place 3 to 5 drops of Elixir S.O.S Sachet Professional® in the palm of your hand
Apply to clean, dry hair, distribute the product through the hair, starting in the middle to the ends, and comb as usual.
For an even more transformative result, combine the entire line of S.O.S Sachet Professional® products.

-01 Elixir SOS Finishing Fluid 80ml