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Professional Easy Use Hair Protect and Repair Treatment Spray 200ml - Rovely

by Rovely

Recovers the healthy aspect of damaged and chemically treated hair. It also disciplines the wires, protects from the heat of the dryer and prevents the formation of split ends.

PANTHENOL (VITAMIN B5) - Ensures moisturizing effect and damage prevention by improving the conditioning of dry and damaged hair, reducing the formation of split ends. In addition, the use of PANTENOL on the scalp also helps in faster hair growth, since the restorative action makes the strands stronger and thicker.

LACTIC ACID - This advanced technology has the power to reinforce the capillary fiber and provide a deep capillary multi-reconstruction to the cortex.

LUMINI SYSTEM - Intelligent asset that promotes the retexturization of the hair fiber through the alignment of the strands, causing a decrease in frizz and hair volume and an increase in shine. Its technology allows effective protection of the color of dyed hair.

WHEAT PROTEIN - Hydrolyzed wheat protein. Contains vegetable peptides from wheat. Protects and helps restore hair's natural flexibility.

HYDROLYZED KERATIN - It acts in the reconstruction of the hair fiber, providing resistance to the breakdown of chemically damaged hair, leaving it soft and shiny all day.

How to use:

After using the shampoo of your choice, spray Required Use Hair Reconstructor on the length and ends, massage, leave on for 5 minutes and rinse. Finish as you wish. If desired, you can apply a little before brushing as a leave-in.

*All types of hair.


-01 Rovely Easy Use Repair Spray 200ml