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Cronology Home Care Treatment Kit 2x230ml - Sweet

by Sweet

Cronology Kit treatment for all hair types. With assets able to map the yarn structure and exfoliate without damaging the scalp, Cronos Biotechnology Clorophilum Due Kit, removes dead cells and deposits disabled nutrients, returning to the hair elasticity and the balance needed to keep hair healthy. Clean, restructures and strengthens the hair fiber.

 How to use:

-Apply Cronology Shampoo Sweet Hair on damp hair and massage, then rinse all the hair. Repeat the operation if necessary.
-After using Shampoo in clean and still damp hair, apply a treatment Cronology Mask Diffusion Sweet Hair throughout the length of the wires. Let act according to your hair type, and then rinse well.

fine hair: 7 minutes.
Hair with the average thickness 14 minutes.
thick hair 21 minutes.


-1 Cronology Shampoo 230ml
-1 Cronology Mask 230ml