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Coconut Professional Oil Oilkit - Bio Instinto


Coconut oil kit bio instinct
• Share and brightness
• Hydration and restoration
• Health and sealing of the wires
Keeping the threads always healthy and bright even in contact with external, chemical and colored aggressions is a difficult task that requires daily care. The secret of hair luminosity is directly linked to the health of the capillary fiber, which requires moisturizing and nutrition.

The coconut oil kit bio instinct was created exclusively to keep the strong, nourished and moisturized yarns.
Developed with the purest coconut oil rich in carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals stimulates the healthy growth of hair and provides health of the scalp, as well as giving brightness and softness to the most diverse types of hair.
How to use:
Apply the shampoo in the wet hair by massaging the scalp until foaming, rinse then and repeat the operation.
Daily: After washing the hair with shampoo apply the conditioner at all hair length, allow to act for 2 minutes and rinse.
Weekly: (for deep hydration) after washing the hair with shampoo apply the mecho mask by wick massaging the wires from top to bottom.
Wait 15-20 minutes with or without heat source and rinse. If there is need to apply the conditioner shortly after the mask rinsing to balance the pH of the wires and improve the combability, fully rinse.
Spread on the palm of hands and slowly apply the combing cream 10 benefits coconut oil bio instinct. Do not rinse and dry with dryer / diffuser if you prefer.

Did you know? This kit and:
• Free of parabens
• Paraffin free
• Free of tests on animals
• Free of dyes
• Silicone Free