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CIT Intensive Reconstruction Regeneration Hair Treatment Kit 4 Itens - Clorofitum

What is it for? Improve hair strength; assist in the regeneration of the hair follicle (hair root); restore lost mass and recover hair moisture. Contains Tamanu, Swiss apple stem cells and keratin.

Indications for use: repair for hair that has suffered chemical damage: bleaching, coloring and straightening.

-01 CTI Shampoo (300mL): provides gentle cleaning, and helps in the regeneration of the hair root.

-01 CTI Revitalizer Mask (500g): restores flexibility, hydration and proteins lost in chemical processes.

-01 CTI Leave-in (230g): enhances color, restores shine to hair and protects from wind, chlorine, sun and dust. It can be used to brush, defrize or as a comb cream.

-01 CTI Spray Reconstructor (300mL): amino acid load, cystine load, pH reverser and stabilizer, detangling and restores lost mass.