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Chelating Detox pH Equalizer Acidification Treatment Fluid 300ml - Forever Liss

Forever Liss 300ml Chelating Detox Fluid Acidifying Capillary for porous, rough and chemically-laden hair. Its formula has actives such as Tannic Acid, Lactic Acid and Lumini System, which aim to make the hair more acidic and, in this way, balance the PH of the strands, promoting the potentialization of treatments, sealing the capillary cuticles and intense shine. The regular use of acidifier will help to eliminate waste (metallic) for pre- and post-chemistry. Chelating detox is released for Low Poo technique.

For all types of hair, especially for hair that has undergone chemical processes and has an unregulated pH.

Tannic Acid: A plant-derived substance that promotes molecular restructuring in a way that is also capable of smoothing the scales and closing the hair fiber cuticles. This action is favorable not only for the fiber to retain water and essential nutrients, but also to increase the durability of the smooth effect.

Lactic Acid: Regulates the pH of the hair, making them more aligned and frizz-free. In addition, the use of lactic acid on hair increases the mass of the strand. This leads to fiber restructuring and alters the ionic charge of the hair's molecules, making them more resistant and shiny.

Lumini System: It is an intelligent active responsible for the retexturization of the hair fiber, which intelligently provides conditioning and three-dimensional shine. Promotes a differentiated texture for the hair fiber, restores the hair's natural oiliness, significantly improving conditioning.

Balances the pH of the wires
Cuticle sealing
Treatment enhancement
Pre and Post-Chemistry
Released to Low Poo

How to use:
1 - To maintain the pH - After washing with shampoo, spray a small amount over the entire length and wait for 3 to 10 minutes. Then just rinse and finish with conditioner and mask.
2 - Pre-Chemical - To carry out the chelation detox process, wash your hair with a deep cleansing shampoo, rinse and apply the Acidifier 3 times, rinsing each time and respecting a 3-minute interval between applications.
3 - Post-chemical - After using the shampoo, apply abundantly the acidifying agent throughout the hair, leaving it to act for 4 minutes and then rinsing. Also apply a reconstructive mask afterwards. Repeat the process weekly until the hair regains its healthy mass and structure. For those without chemicals, the ideal is to acidify every 15 days to regularize the thread from external agents.

Seals the capillary cuticles reducing the porous and dry appearance. The result is hair with shine, softness and reduced frizz.

01 - Forever Liss Chelating Detox Fluid 300ml