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Capillary Schedule NDR Vitamin Shampoo 3x1 Daily Treatment - 500ml - Plancton


Vitamin Shampoo Don't despair, repair!

The vitamin shampoo, "Don't Desperate, Repair" contains in its formulation Vitamin B5, Vitamin E and potassium, which combined with the masks of our capillary schedule, provide stronger, shiny and healthier strands, in addition to protecting and preparing the hair to receive the treatment.

How to Use:
Moisten the strands and apply a small amount of NDR Vitamin Shampoo, from the root to the length of the strand. massaging gently for a few moments and rinse.
Repeat the process if necessary.
Keep out of the reach of children, protect from direct light, heat and moisture. Immediately discontinue use in case of sensitivity.

-01 Capillary Schedule NDR Plancton Vitamin Shampoo - 500ml