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Capillary Lift D-Panthenol Collagen Formol Free Volume Hair Reducer 1Kg - Anjore

by Anjore

Reconstructive treatment of hair fiber with D-Panthenol, Collagen and Silk Protein, which provides the sealing and alignment of the cuticles, giving a Natural Smooth, shine, suppleness and elimination of split ends.

Formula developed to reduce, tame the volume and smooth the hair gradually. Indicated for all types of hair, in particular, chemically colored, dry and damaged hair, the Lifting Capillary acts on the capillary cortex, keeping the water connected to the strands, replenishing the mass and combating aging, developing strength and elasticity natural yarn.

Capillary Lifting Anjore, recovers the damages caused by chemical processes and environmental aggressions, such as the sun and wind, with the increase of the capillary fiber density from the cortex and the sealing and realignment of the protective cuticles, besides promoting intense hydration with increasing the duration of natural water inside the threads, so that they are healthy and more disciplined again. With it, the hair is left with a shiny shine, constantly soft and resistant to the aggressions of everyday life.

How to use:
Step 1: Apply the capillary lift, without washing the hair, starting at the root and respecting the scalp.
- Thick and / or bulky hair - let it act for 60 minutes and rinse 70% of the product.
- Blond, colored and / or fine hair - let it act for 30 minutes and rinse 100% of the product.
- Root touch-up - apply the product to the root, respecting the scalp. With 10 minutes left to rinse, moisten the strands with a water spray and pull to the ends. Let stand for the remaining 10 minutes.
Step 2: After rinsing, with damp hair, brush the strands well, strand by strand. When finishing the brush, flatten the strands at least 10 times each, until you notice a perfect sealing of the strands.

-01 Anjore Capillary Lift D-Panthenol Collagen Formol Free Volume Hair Reducer 1Kg