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Capillary Botulinum Rejuvenation Smart Reconstructor 1L - Ybera Paris

by Ybera
Sold out
Botanical botulinum toxin such as the Lunamatrix ™ system.

Ybera Professional was the first company to bring the concept of hair fill (bottox effect) to the hair. A pioneer in this topic, she has always had the objective of carrying out the hair of the most modern in the field of cosmetology and thus present the old antiaging treatment.

Ybera is a powerful formula composed of botulinum vegetal toxin like the Lunamatrix ™ System, that stimulates the production of an injected protein in the cortex of the wire, unifying the thickness of the root until the tips. Botulinum Capillary also eliminates the volume and rough, slows down the aging and health and beauty of your hair.

It has innovative capillary mass replenishment system, Lunamatrix ™ System, which has the power to split the void spaces of damaged wires, repairing them considerably. Eliminates low hair porosity, flexibility, balance and softness of the yarn, completing the procedure and leaving hair beautiful and ready to face day to day. 

Hair years younger!

Indication: For all types of hair, especially the aged.