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C.Kamura Intense One 10-in-1- Leave-in 200g

C.Kamura Intense One 10-in-1 Multifunctional treatment Leave-in 10 in 1 for all kinds of hair. C. Kamura Intense One 10-in-1 Hair Treatment offers several benefits in just one product. He treats, takes care, protects and ends.

The technology of its formula rebuilds the capillary fiber and prevents future damage. Your functions are:

1. Deep restoration.
2. Sealing of cuticles.
3. Thermal protection.
4. Color protection.
5. Silky touch and brightness.
6. Control the frizz.
7. Durability of the hairstyle.
8. Easy modeling of wires.
9. Prevention of double tips.
10. Unpareent effect.