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C.Kamura Argan Nutri-oil- Shampoo 315ml

C.Kamura Argan nutri-oil nutritious shampoo for damaged hair and exposed to environmental aggressions. C.Kamura Argan Nutri-Oil cleans and protects from everyday damage, like sun, wind, sea and pool. Its exclusive technology creates a dense and creamy foam that removes the waste smoothly while nourishing deeply.

C.Kamura Argan Nutri-Oil protects against external aggressions, while repairing deeply and internally the capillary fibers. Thus, it slows the early aging of the wires. This powerful shampoo also helps maintain color and brightness, as well as repairing and adding extra strength. Her hair clean, hydrated, nourished and protected from environmental actions. Its strengthened and bright wires.