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Deep Hair Mask Deep Hair Mask Straightener Thermal Realignment Japanese Definitive 500ml - Probelle


Thermal realigner for curly, voluminous and frizzy hair, developed with a sophisticated formulation and with a very high performance effect. Promotes intense hair treatment, restoring shine and silkiness. its formula enriched with argan oil, castor oil, hyaluronic acid in synergy with a blend of amino acids, rebuilds the hair during the volume reduction process, ensuring prolonged vitality.

How to Use:
1 - Wash hair with probelle anti-residue shampoo and dry 80%
2 - Apply the product and let it act for 40 minutes
3 - After the pause time, rinse with water removing 80% of the product
4 - Dry with the aid of a hairdryer and a comb
5 - Apply a Probelle thermal protector of your choice, brush and flat iron in thin strands for at least 8 times
6 - Temperatures above 200 degrees can cause a small fading
7 - Exclusive professional use
8 - It is recommended to correct the color after the process with the colorings without Probelle ammonia.

-01 Deep Hair Mask Straightener Thermal Realignment 500ml