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Deep Hair Mask Deep Hair Mask Bottox Formol Free Straightening Moisturizing Hair Cream 1Kg - Aloe

by Aloe
Bottox Formol Free by Aloe Cosmetics provides volume reduction combined with maximum hair reconstruction, thanks to its innovative technology. It is the result of a balanced combination of assets, such as a moisturizing complex of vegetable oils, proteins and hydrolyzed collagen, which repairs all the porosity of the hair fiber. As a result of these actives, the hair becomes soft, silky, and with intense shine. It also provides a cauterization of the wires, increasing resistance, and reviving the natural shine.

How to use: With the hair washed and well dried with a towel (it cannot be soaked in water), apply the bottox in thin strands, starting at the back of the head. Take care to leave 1 centimeter of the root. And with each strand, use a very fine comb to remove excess product. Let it act for 30-50 minutes and rinse 80% of the product. Then brush the hair without removing the product and brush and flat iron well for 8-10 times each strand. Then rinse your hair and remove all product and dry as you wish.

1 Bottox Formol Free 1Kg