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btox Ultra Connditioning Hair Treatment Kit 2x1 - Fox

by Fox

The btox Ultra Conditioning Line has in its composition fatty acids, keratin, calamus among other proteins essential for internal health
of the hair. It gives the wires intense power of treatment and anti-frizz action,
providing intense brightness, water replenishment and essential amino acids.
Have silky, shiny, moving hair in seconds!

btox Ultra Conditioning Dilator Shampoo 1000ml - balances the pH of the threads, deeply cleansing the accumulated residues in the hair fiber promoting the dilation of the cuticles to receive the conditioning treatment. Enriched with the strength of the Keratin combined with the repair of Creatine, it penetrates deep into the cortex, giving strength and resistance to the weak and devitalised threads.

B.TXx Fox Ultra Conditioning Mask 1kg - contains anti-frizz fatty acids, reduces the volume and treats the wires soon in their first application. Combining the strength of Creatine and the repair of Keratin, it has protein hydrolyzate complexed with Creatine penetrating deep into the cortex, giving strength and resistance to weak and devitalized wires. Enriched with natural oils that repair the hair fiber and promote the realignment and capillary sealing, providing light, soft and loose hair.

How to Use:
- Apply a small amount of Dilator Shampoo to damp hair;
- Massage until foam is obtained. Rinse; Repeat the application 2 more times and, last time, let it act for up to 20 minutes;
- If necessary, make a new application, letting it act until the cuticles are completely open; 90% drying;
- Apply the B.TXx Mask strand by strand with the aid of a brush and fine comb from the neck to the part of the fringe;
- Wait 25 to 30 minutes;
- Rinse to remove excess;
- Dry and plank or brush and plank.