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Booster Repair Lipid Replenisher Damage Control Hair Mask 60ml - LOF Professional


Liquid hair mask for dry or chemically damaged hair. LOF Professional Booster Repair immediately hydrates, nourishes and softens hair, as it has a powerful emollient action.

The LOF Professional Booster Repair Hair Mask has arrived to replace the lipids lost after treatments that modify the hair structure, such as dye, progressive, botox, relaxation and permanent. With a highly technological and intelligent formula, which has Omega Plus® among the protagonists of the composition, the product helps with combing, helps to remove knots, seals the cuticles completely and even eliminates frizz.

Mineral oil and paraben free formulation.

Omega Plus®: a powerful blend, made with the important oils of Sunflower, Corn, Sesame, Macadamia and Olive. Together, the ingredients are able to promote lipid replacement, which helps to untangle the wires and seal the cuticles, in addition to preventing the formation of frizz.

Deeply hydrated hair, much healthier, with intense shine and free from unwanted frizz.

How to use:
After washing your hair with the shampoo from the same line, apply the liquid mask along the entire length of the strands, which should still be damp. Make the glove in thin locks, let it act for 10 to 15 minutes and then comb the hair gently. To finish the process, remove the product with the help of warm water and style as desired.

-01 LOF Professional Booster Repair Hair Mask 60ml