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Blond Tinting Realignment System Nourishing Thermoactive Kit 3x120 - Acquaflora


Realignment and tinting kit for blonde hair. Kit Acquaflora Matizador Realignment System prevents yellowing and ensures smoother wires, in addition to reducing volume and eliminating frizz.

The Acquaflora Matizador Realignment System Kit is easy, safe and quick to apply. With an exclusive formulation, composed of Protein Cascade, Amber Oil and highly technological actives, the combo - tested and approved by professionals in the area - provides beauty, luminosity, natural balance and smooth effect for much longer.

How to use:
Before starting the procedure, carefully read the entire step-by-step described on the packaging and/or in the product's explanatory leaflet. It is important not to skip steps and to respect the recommendations completely.

- 01 Acquaflora Tinting Realignment System - Purifying Shampoo 120ml.
- 01 Acquaflora Tinting Realignment System - Thermoactive Fluid 120ml.
- 01 Acquaflora Tinting Realignment System - Nutritive Complex 120ml.