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Blond Care Treatment Kit 2x1L - Zap Cosmetics


Zap Blond Care Shampoo is a treatment for blond, gray or white hair with discoloration or wicks. It cleans and prepares the wires for the tint treatment. They act through NANOFIX technology, a perfect combination of a blended complex of omegas and blend of natural Oils associated with nanotechnology.

Zap Blond Care Maskis a treatment for blond, gray or white hair and with discoloration processes or wicks. It eliminates the unwanted yellowish tones of the hair providing platinum tones, correcting the porosity and restoring the hydro lipid control of the wires.

How to Use:
With wet hair, evenly distribute the Zap Blond Care Shampoo by gently massaging hair and scalp without bending or twisting the hair, rinse thoroughly with cold or warm water. Repeat the process again. After the wash apply the Zap Blond Care Mask.

Maintains hydration for longer in hair;
- Antioxidant actives maintains hair color and prolongs the technical service;
- Prevents dryness;
- Returns and maintains the silky and glistening glow.