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Pro Performance Color Shield Protection Anti Fading Shampoo Conditioner - Lowell

by Lowell

Lowell Blinda Cor is the newest ally of colored hair. Its 4D System technology operates in the 4 dimensions of the wire: Cortex, Marrow, Cuticle and Surface. This super action neutralizes the pH, protects and prolongs the vividness of colors after the coloring and discoloration process. The result is beautiful hair, with more shine and bright colors for much longer.

Shampoo - For colored hair.  It allows effective and smooth cleaning.  It is ideal for shielding the vividness of colored hair color and preventing fading.  In addition, it reduces the porosity of the yarn and is enriched with a special sunscreen that does not come out in the water, also preventing color fading by UVB rays.

Conditioner - For colored hair. Promotes greater color protection and durability in addition to sealing, softness and shine. Enriched with a special sunscreen that does not come out in the water it also prevents color fading by UVB rays.

Leave-In: For colored hair.  Protects hair from oxidative processes of aging from solar radiation, maintaining the vividness of color, the uniformity of the strands and the adhesion of cuticles.  With thermal protection, it protects from the heat of the dryer and flat iron allowing a perfect finish, anti frizz action, color retention and a lot of shine.

-01 Lowell Color Shield Shampoo 240ml
-01 Lowell Color Shield Conditioner 200ml