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Bioplasty Nourishing Chantilly Vanilla Progressive Kit 2x500ml - Itallian Hair Tech


Nourishing Shampoo indicated for dry and malnourished hair, the Chantilly Shampoo offers an excellent hair cleansing experience.

Vanilla Extract - Originating from orchids grown in southeastern Mexico, Guatemala and other regions of Central America, it is a highly nutritious ingredient, rich in acetic acid, sugars and tannins. This active acts in the rebalancing of the pH of the hair fiber and in the smoothing of the cuticles, eliminating porosity. It also has antioxidant properties.

Bioplasty is a new concept of progressive that is appearing in the market, and this product is indicated for voluminous hair. It temporarily aligns the wires, reduces frizz and maintains the natural movement of the hair, in addition to providing a lot of shine and softness.

Biovanilla - Developed by Itallian Hairtech laboratories, biovanilla is a balanced mix of amino acids and plant peptides, associated with a matrix of biopolymers that help to anchor them inside the cortex through a unique cuticle repositioning system. This mechanism ensures alignment and volume reduction of the wires, in addition to offering a high nutrition load.

How to Use:
Apply a sufficient amount of shampoo to damp hair, gently massaging the strands.
Rinse and repeat application if necessary.
After rinsing, dry your hair with a hairdryer. Apply Bioplasty on dry hair, aligning strand by strand.
Let it act for 25 to 60 minutes. After the break time, rinse, brush the wires with a dryer and then flat iron thin locks.

-01 Bioplasty Hair Nutrition Chantilly Itallian 500ml 
-01 Chantilly Itallian Nourishing Shampoo 500g