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BELZA Hidrahair Instant Hydranutrition- 300ml Capillary Mask

Belza Hidrahair Instant Hydranutrition capillary mask for all kinds of hair. Belza Hidrahair Instant Hydranutrition has the power to moisturize and nourish the wires at the same time! Give goodbye to the dry hair, with frizz, porous and lifeless.
The Belza Hydrahair Instant Hydrangement Mask was developed with special oils from the Amazon, with high concentration of omega 3.6 and 9, organic acids, vitamin A and C. despite having an intense and concentrated formula to restore in a deep way, does not weigh In the wires.
The hydranutrition line has a lasting effect and restores the threads from the inside out leaving them soft, moisturized, nourished and with intense brightness from the first application.