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BB Bleach High Lift Bleaching Discoloration Powder 9 Shades 400g - Alfaparf Milano


From the Alfaparf Milano research labs, High Lift is the new Bleach Powder perfect for jobs where significant bleaching is required. Its high lightening power allows you to achieve impeccable results even starting from the darkest foundations. The formula contains advanced technology: Bi-Blond Complex, Double Blond Reconstruction, an innovative protection and reconstruction amplifier that works from the inside out of the hair, simultaneously offering effective protection while acting on discoloration. The presence of Bi-Blond complex allows to combine the excellent performance in lightening with perfect cosmeticity for the hair. The formula enriched with chia oil, an ingredient rich in mineral salts, vitamins and Omega-3, for stronger hair.

How to Use:
Mix in a non-metallic container BB Bleach with Oxid'o ALFAPARF MILANO. Dilution ratio from 1:1 to 1:3 depending on the bleaching technique chosen (see table).
Scrupulously follow the recommended dilution ratios. Mix with a fine brush until you get a homogeneous cream.
Apply the bleaching mixture to dry, unwashed hair. Regularly check the level of discoloration.
When you have reached the desired level of discoloration, rinse thoroughly and wash with shampoo to completely remove residue from the bleach mixture.
Maximum rest time: 55 minutes. Do not use under heat sources

-01 Alfaparf Bb Bleach High Lift Bleach Powder 9 Shades 400g