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Arginine Milk Protein Coconut Oil Bioplasty C'TIM Perfect Smooth 1L - Paiolla

by Paiolla

It is the most used by professionals who want an efficient and quality result, the C'tim Reconstructive Mask was developed to meet the most varied types of hair, mainly chemically treated hair, being one of the brushes with less use restrictions (incompatibility *)

If you are in doubt as to which progressive hairdressers use and recommend, your search is over! Leaving natural straight hair is no longer a problem, the C'tim Line has guaranteed results. In addition to providing the perfect straight and the much desired plastic of the threads, it also has a reconstructive action, leaving the hair silky, with soft threads, hair easy to comb and still provides an extra shine.

How to Use:
Reserve a lock and apply a small amount of the product. Observe the hair's reaction to the product (wick test). To ensure an efficient result, wash your hair with C'tim Anti-Residue Shampoo, gently massaging and rinsing until all the product is removed from the hair. Then repeat the procedure. Dry the hair 80% with the help of a hairdryer and apply the C'tim Reconstructive Mask by lock by lock with a brush all the way from root to tip, leaving 3 cm away from the root. The product's action time can vary between 10 to 30 minutes (depending on the type of hair). Remove the excess with a fine comb. Dry it 80% and plank very thin wicks at 200 degrees (important: for a better result the temperature should be between 200 and 210 degrees). Then use a Paiolla hydration mask. Finish the hair with a brush.


-01 Paiolla C'TIM Perfect Smooth Progressive 1L