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Argania Linea Professional Treatment Argan & Baobab Kit 4 Products - L'ARREE

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Argan & Baobab Shampoo - Promotes an ideal cleansing for hair with any type of chemical, revitalizing, giving shine and disciplining the hair. Gently cleans hair without harming and maintaining its natural properties.

Argan & Baobab Mask -  It has antioxidant action that restores and intensely strengthens the hair reducing frizz and volume, restores elasticity, rebuilds and protects the color.

Argan & Baobab Leav-In - No rinsing, has detangling and protective action, promotes reconstruction of hair fiber, reduces frizz, moisturizes and restores elasticity providing intense shine from root to tip, returning emollience to the hair. It renews the luminosity of the threads and by its moisturizing and protective action rebuilds and improves the elasticity of the threads. Also acts as a thermal protector for the pre brush service.

Argan & Baobab Oil - Provides lightness, reconstruction, frizz reduction, moisturizing and restoring elasticity to the hair and providing intense shine from root to tip. Great for all hair types, but highly recommended for chemically treated hair.

How to Use:
With damp hair apply Argan & Baobab Shampoo, massage gently. Leave on for 1-2 minutes and rinse. Reapply one more time or more if necessary. Then apply a portion of the Argan & Baobab Mask on the strands, massaging gently and letting it work for up to 20 minutes or according to the desired service. Rinse off and proceed to finalization step.
Apply a portion of Leave-In to the wires. Finish with Treatment Oil.
Leave-In and Oil can be used as a power dose in hydration and / or post brush or flat iron finisher services or use as desired service.

-1 L'ARËE Argan & Baobab Shampoo 1L
-1 L'ARËE Argan & Baobab Mask 1L
-1 L'ARËE Argan & Baobab Leave-In 250ml
-1 L'ARËE Argan & Baobab Oil 45ml