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Aloe Vera & Caffeine Maintenance Home Care Hair Treatment Kit 2x300ml - Aloe

by Aloe
The Aloe Vera & Caffeine Shampoo is suitable for all hair types, cleans and sanitizes the scalp, ideal for home treatment, removes waste and restores hydration. With Coffee, Aloe Vera and Seaweed extracts.

How to use - For a lasting effect, moisten the strands and apply the Aloe and Caffeine Shampoo, massaging the scalp gently until obtaining a rich and creamy lather. Slide the foam to the ends and rinse until the product is completely removed. If necessary, repeat the operation. For an even more effective result, combine the entire line of Aloe Vera and Caffeine products.

Main Assets:
Aloe Vera Extract: Emollient / Humectant / Conditioner
Seaweed Extract: Emollient/Conditioner/Smoothing
Coffee extract: Conditioner

About the Product - The Aloe Vera and Caffeine Mask has 10 benefits in its composition, ideal for dull and lifeless hair, which need a shock treatment. There are 10 instant hair benefits:
+ emollience
+ color protection
+ conditioning
+ improved combability
+ increases brightness
+ wire repair
+ hydration
+ softness to the wires
+ lighter hair
+ extreme softness
+ hair fainting effect

How to use - For a long-lasting effect, after washing your hair with Aloe and Caffeine Shampoo, apply a generous portion on strands from the middle to the ends, massage gently, let it act for 5 minutes, rinse completely. Dry your hair for a more effective result.

Main Assets:
Aloe Vera Extract: Emollient / Humectant / Conditioner
Silicone blend: color protection/ conditioning/ softness/ improves combability/ increases shine
Argan Oil: Emollient / Conditioner / Repair
Shea Butter: Emollient/Moisturizing

-01 Aloe Vera and Caffeine Shampoo 300ml
-01 Aloe Vera and Caffeine Conditioning Mask 300g