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Al In One Fabulous Leave In Mask Keratin Blend Hair Treatment 200ml - Ykas

by Ykas

It is a deep rinse-free hair care mask with functionality and practicality of a leave in, as it does not need to be removed from the hair. Provides exceptional softness, nourishing hair and balancing the moisture level of the hair. Repairs and seals damaged cuticles for softness, shine and healthy appearance.

- Clearance;
- Repair of dry and damaged areas;
- Prevention of split ends;
- Discipline of the wires with the protection of environmental aggressions;
- Thermal protection for dryer and board;
- Conditioning of the wires for a silky touch;
- UVA and UVB filters that prevent oxidation caused by sun exposure;
- Easy to brush and brush the hair;
- Greater fixation for your hairstyles, as the anti-frizz action prevents the hair from loosening;
- Leaves the natural volume of hair just right.

Hoe to Use:
With clean and damp hair, spray the leave-in length to ends. Let it dry naturally or finish as desired.

-01 Ykas All In One Leave In Mask 200ml