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Agilise Professional Agi Support Blond Kit 2x 250ml / 2x 8.45 fl Oz


Developed especially for blond hair, with strands and lights. It treats inside out the thin and medium hair, natural blond and with chemistry, realizing intensive repair, providing shine, softness and a mass replacement, returning life to the hair.

Blond Shampoo - Wash your hair with Blond Shampoo, gently massage and rinse. For best results, repeat the process, then apply the Blond Reconstructor.

Blond Reconstructor - After washing the hair with the Blond Shampoo, apply the Blond Reconstructor, massage gently, let it act for 5 minutes, rinse and finish.

-01 Shampoo 250ml
-01 Reconstructor 250ml