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Advance Repair Hair Masque Watermelon Lichia Amla Keratin Mango 500g - Beautybr


Reconstructive treatment for damaged hair. Its regenerative action is due to its rich compounds of watermelon extract, lychee extract, amla oil, mango butter and vegetable keratin replenishing and retaining the mass, ideal for hair that has gone through chemical, are elastic, brittle, porous or parched.

Watermelon Extract: has antioxidant properties due to the presence of vitamin A and C, providing a fight against free radicals, as well as moisturizing and nourishing effects to the skin and hair generated by glucose and minerals present.

Lychee Extract: rich in natural moisturizers that help weight and discipline the most rebellious strands Lychee extract protects hair from oxidative stress, photo aging and the deterioration of natural keratin.

Amla Oil: of Indian origin, rich in vitamins, antioxidants and lamellar amino acids, which restructure damaged strands in the most critical areas immediately.

Vegetable Keratin: extracted from soy, wheat and corn. The reduced particles penetrate into the deepest, most specific layers of the strands to strengthen damaged areas and regain hair vitality.

Wild Mango Butter: produced from the mango fruit kernel (Mangifera Indica), it is highly emollient, soothing and soothing, besides natural emollient properties has high oxidative capacity, helps healing and regenerative activity.

How to use:
After shampooing, remove the moisture from the hair and apply the advanced repair masque from the length to the tips. Massage and allow to act for 20 to 25 minutes. Rinse well and brush your hair.

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